The goal of the complex and intricate process of eco-energy project development from idea to implementation is to reduce the burden on the environment and build a successful and viable long term business. Designing a renewable energy system involves converting biological, chemical processes into a money-generating business using a broad range of technical content, often in a dynamically changing legal and business environment. Knowing the sector specifics of the project and the regulatory environment of the investment is essential for success. In addition to creating the appropriate professional, technical and a sound financial background, minimizing the risks associated with the resources listed above, together with the appropriate experience and emergency scenarios will allow the project to be sustainable and effective in the long term. From the beginning of the preparations, through the decision and implementation process to the control phase, we offer our project development services to all stakeholders on the investor side.

Let us be your partner in making the best decisions! Our sevices:

– elaboration of project start-ups, technical and energy calculations;

– project reality checks, preliminary energy and economic evaluation, version analysis;

– elaboration of project components, participation in the selection and validation of suitable technological solutions;

– determination of the scope of suppliers, soliciting supplier, designer and financing offers, tendering;

– participation in contracting suppliers, developing performance-based contracts;

– organizing financing;

– licensing.