Power Plants

A Biogas Plant to be Built in Nagykőrös 

Nagykőrös, November 27, 2013

The cornerstone of Hungary’s third largest biogas plant was laid today. The investment of two and a half billion HUF will have a positive impact on the economy and ecosystem of the region. On the one hand, it will dispose of plant waste from the environment, while on the other hand it will generate a large amount of green electricity, and produce a significant quantity of bio-fertilizer.

The biogas plant under construction is special in many respects. The plant will produce 13 million kWh of green electricity a year by processing and utilizing food and plant waste. This much electricity could provide the full demand for power of a smaller settlement. In addition, it produces germ-free biofertilizer as a by-product, which, unlike traditional manure does not produce methane gas, does not contain pesticides or heavy metals, therefore it does not burden the water base. The plant operates in a perfectly closed system and under the highest safety standards.

The investor is Energikum Kft., jointly owned by private individuals and EcoEnergo Kft. The latter is a portfolio company and energy competence center of the Venturio 2013 Fund. The strategic objective of Venturio, which manages the Fund, is to implement investments in “green industries”, in particular to promote the expansion of renewable energy production.

The investor will use the most modern technology available today, thus the Nagykőrös biogas plant will be the most innovative in Hungary. The essence of innovation lies not only in achieving the latest and most secure technology, but also in its continuous scalability.

The owners want to continuously develop the biogas plant and expand their activities to other areas in the future. In addition to its basic positive effects, the biogas plant will have additional benefits. It will provide jobs for locals, increase the desirability of investment in the region, attract other related businesses to create more jobs and enhance the development of the infrastructure.

“Laying the cornerstone is the result of long and thorough preparation. Many excellent domestic and foreign professionals have worked and continue to work on the construction and operation of the plant., We have long-term plans for Nagykőrös. The construction of the biogas plant is the first step, which we will be followed by further innovations” said Csaba Juhász, managing director of investment company Energikum Kft. More information coming soon!